Hemedti Brings Back Darfur Genocide for a New Generation

Suhail al Anan - Al Hudood Correspondent for Rapid Emotional Support

Hemedti Brings Back Darfur Genocide for a New Generation image

Rapid Support Forces commander Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, popularly referred to as “Hemedti,” has declared a shift in focus towards survivors of the Darfur genocide, committed two decades ago by former President Omar al-Bashir against the Masalit people.

In a statement issued on behalf of the RSF, Mr Dagalo underscored a commitment to women, children, and the elderly, stating that their absence from the battlefield has “robbed them from seeing the heroism of Janjaweed combatants” committing ethnic cleansing up close.

However, Mr Dagalo warned against conflating his current activities with past wars, acknowledging the daunting challenge of replicating previous casualty figures. “Hitting the kind of numbers we did last time isn’t going to be easy. That’s 300,000 people you’re talking about,” he said. “But with a little perseverance, and the financing of the UAE, we’ll be killing, exterminating, and destroying cities past double number in record time.”

The commander credited international bodies like the United Nations, Security Council, African Union, and the ICC, as well as other courts and the media, for contributing to an environment conducive to genocide, noting their perceived indifference during previous wars. 

“We really can’t be thankful enough,” said Mr Dagalo. “All I can do is urge them to show more ‘concern’ for other genocides around the world, allowing us in Sudan to go on to a third and maybe fourth genocide in the coming days.”