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AlHudood is the second-best satirical news website in the Middle East, after Russia Today. We are a group of individuals with an undefined vision and a long-term strategy of constantly moving the goalposts, in the pursuit of a future of some sort. Though we would not presume to define ourselves as artists, life in the Arab world, which is equally overrated, often seeks to imitate us anyway.

Unlike most media organisations in the region, AlHudood is not funded by a government and our founder is not a billionaire (yet). We welcome your fan mail and financial contributions to support the lavish two-meals-a-day lifestyles of our writers.

Frankly, this website never published any news in its eight-year history; we believe what we do is a form of organized gossip. We spend our days highlighting the region’s issues through comedy and satire, and the result is dark more often than not.

We’re happy you’re interested in knowing more about us, and apologise for not uploading photos of our attractive writers alongside their exact addresses like you might have expected. We remain anonymous for obvious security reasons, and we believe that the best way to get to know us is through reading what we put out there.

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