Sisi prophecies Egypt will endure seven years of crap followed by seven years of famine

Taher ibn Hotob - AlHudood visionary correspondent

Sisi prophecies Egypt will endure seven years of crap followed by seven years of famine image

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi opened his heart at the inauguration of Egypt's Future’ Project for Agricultural Production, revealing a prophecy that came to him in a dream about the impact of the Ukrainian war and Egyptians’ unending appetite for wheat, declaring that the country will endure seven years of rising prices, lack of food staples, poverty, and a deeply unbearable, shitty life.

But he also revealed that these conditions, according to the prophecy, wouldn’t last, and the sun would rise again once the effects of his economic plan kick in. However, it will cost the country another seven years of great hardship and famine, he said.

“Some experts proposed storing wheat spikes to extend the expiration period,” he said. “But I prefer taking the reforms to the maximum and storing the crop at the field itself, saving the expenses of harvesting, transportation, and storage to build more bridges.”

Sisi quoted the Prophet Joseph’s declaration, “put me in charge of the store-houses of the land, for I am truly reliable and adept,” as he described the weight of responsibilities on his shoulders as he sought to pursue attempts to improve the conditions of 100 million Egyptians amid the decline in food supplies due to the war in Ukraine. 

Sisi shared another vision that had come to him in his sleep that mirrored the prophecies of Jacob and Joseph, in which he saw thirteen stars representing his family members spreading in different industrial sectors of the country, and one moon that represented the First Lady of Egypt Entissar Amer, bejeweled with diamonds and holding a Gucci handbag.