Man violates cat’s rights at home and encroaches on her bed

Ma’amon Ghamasha - AlHudood pet correspondent

Man violates cat’s rights at home and encroaches on her bed  image

Despite all her tedious efforts to clarify to Nabil Farias, the human being living with her, that the king-sized bed is her property, as well as the comfortable cushion in the living room, the desk chair, the keyboard, the tables, the dining chairs, the carpet, and the bathroom rug, having marked her territory with her hair or by peeing anywhere once in a while, the human has continued to encroach on her boundaries and space.

Nabil dared once to carelessly and inhumanely push Sarah off her own bed, before straightening the sheets and the pillow to sleep on it, humiliating her even more when he pointed to a tacky fur rug placed in a deserted corner of the room.

Believing that what's taken by force can only be restored by force, Sarah went back to her bed, struggling to get back what is hers. She pushed Nabil with all her strength, put a leg in his eye and another in his mouth, tested the sharpness of her nails on his skin, enduring his smelly feet while trying to bite it. But unfortunately, because of her tiny body and her innocent soft nature, she failed and yielded to sleeping on three quarters of the bed.

Sarah’s long suffering didn’t stop at depriving her of the bed; Nabil is constantly mean to her, removing her from her balcony at the edge of the sink when lunchtime comes, and telling her off when she tries to break vases she doesn’t like.

He even underestimates her abilities by distracting her with a dumb wool ball as if she is just a brainless creature that only craves the owner’s validation. She hopelessly fakes her interest, meowing in a sad, broken tone and tickling Nabil’s feet to get back her inalienable rights such as having seven meals a day and peeing inside his closet.