UAE compensates Yemen for withdrawing from the war with weapons shipment

Rustom Pickles - AlHudood’s correspondent on things adding up

UAE compensates Yemen for withdrawing from the war with weapons shipment image

The UAE government has renounced the Houthi militias’ interjection and seizure of a weapons shipment allocated for Abu Dhabi-allied militias this week, condemning the publishing of videos documenting the “scandal” and claiming the cargo is merely a care package for fighters encouraging them to support its initiative to end the war and ignite some desperately needed peace and stability in Yemen.

Dahesh al Baghbaghan, an Emirati spokesperson, said that the Houthis have a lot to lose from their “publicity stunt” and “fabrications.”

“Those weapons are outdated anyway, primitive models designed for children to play with only - definitely not intended for the war effort or reflective of Emirati values,” he added. 

Al Baghbaghan stressed that this move will cost the Houthis the support of the Yemeni public.

“We hope they will think twice before standing in our way next time,” he said. “We are confident that the people of Yemen are aware there is not a more civilised, tech-savvy and modern faction subsidizing their deaths than the Emirati government.”

Al Baghbaghan warned Houthi militias from taking this boat full of guns heading towards their enemy the wrong way.

“We do not want to be involved in Yemeni in-fighting again, the recent misunderstandings are merely an administrative mistake; we forgot to cancel our subscription to some militias as we withdraw from regional conflicts, including in Yemen, and a shipment was deducted from our accounts,” he added.