Microscopic virus proves smarter than anti-vaxxer with 86 billion neurons

Samer Al-Sekhtory, AlHudood’s expert on microscopic intelligence

Microscopic virus proves smarter than anti-vaxxer with 86 billion neurons image

Though it is the simplest of all living, gene-bearing life forms that cannot be seen by the naked eye or even under the lenses of a microscope, the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron, has undoubtedly proven itself more intelligent and capable of evolving than a typical anti-vaxxer, despite the latter being known as the most intelligent creature on the planet with a mind and brain of his own filled with 86 billion neurons enabling him to think, process, and analyze his surroundings using logic.

Coronaviruses are painstakingly creating new ways to flourish and improve their long ancestry in order to live an honorable basic life in their hosts; the virus’s family does everything possible to provide its variants with defensive mechanisms against vaccines and antibodies or any other way that might eliminate its existence.

But the little virus this time around is even more wily, developing novel ways of survival by turning humans, including those not infected yet, into idiots.

It masterfully manipulated mature humans to let their guard down and refuse to get the vaccine, setting up a friendly suitable environment to produce more and more of the vicious variants that take over and enjoy staying at the anti-vaxxers’ well-prepared, exposed immune systems.

Omicron, like any other virus, bewilders scientists as it inhabits a gray area between living and nonliving organisms. However, it learns from its ancestors’ mistakes - unlike certain other living things. After noticing that its predecessors died out, it spends a considerable amount of time working on itself and plotting other plans and solutions to survive and keep living in its ignorant host instead of writing a post on Facebook about the human conspiracy against its fellow viruses.

On an international scale, the virus managed to put Western leaders in its little pocket, particularly when they decided to play it smart by cornering all the available vaccine supplies, ignoring people overseas, and allowing the virus the space to take on new forms.