US commemorates 20 years of collective punishment of Muslims

Johnathan J. Crowe, AlHudood’s Correspondent on Really Super Superpowers

US commemorates 20 years of collective punishment of Muslims image

The US launched yesterday country-wide festivities commemorating the initiation of its wrath and collective punishment on Muslims and Arabs, which conveniently leashed out following the 9/11 attacks carried out by a small group of Saudis and other strategic allies living in caves and training camps in Afghanistan.

American officials cut the ribbon to the carnival ground, a derby that hosts games for all ages. Among the games were drone strike simulators, an arcade on the adventures of Captain America igniting a sectarian conflict and a kiosk with tiny Iraqi detainees in place of the stuffed animals of Whac-A-Mole. The main attraction was a to-scale skill game where players harass Arab-looking passengers, forcing them to sit in tight interrogation rooms for hours before boarding a 30-minute flight.

The spokesman of the September 11 Committee, F. U. Howitzer declared the carnival’s biggest prize an all-expenses-paid trip to Nevada, where the lucky winner gets to use a real joystick controlling a real drone to strike evil terrorists hiding out in some school somewhere in Yemen, or Libya, or wherever the lucky strike may land.

“Prior military experience is not a prerequisite”, he said, “It’s fairplay as long as the drone hovers above one of the breeding grounds for terrorism identified by the US.”

Howitzer confirmed that the US’ collective punishment policy is purely non-discriminatory “it’s not just the Arabs or the Muslims, we are better than all other races” he added.