Nasrallah calls for impartial investigation into Beirut port explosion by Iranian judiciary

Nasrallah calls for impartial investigation into Beirut port explosion by Iranian judiciary image

Hassan Nasrallah, the charge d’affaires of Velayat-e-Faqih in Lebanon and secretary-general of Hezbollah, called for the transfer of the investigation into the Beirut port explosion to the neutral and impartial entity, namely the Iranian judiciary, swearing on the souls of Ayatollah Khomeini and Qassem Soleimani that he would respect the findings even if he is accused personally of lighting the match under the ammonium nitrate that leveled the city.

Nasrallah said he hoped Lebanese citizens would understand the need to seek out an external, neutral mediator like Tehran instead of the corrupt Lebanese legal system.

“We do not want strife in the country, which will be the outcome if we have to strike with an iron fist should they come after us,” he said. “We also cannot hand the case over to an international tribunal as we did with the Hariri assassination, which came to the embarrassing and absurd conclusion that he was killed by some of our members acting independently, as if we run a supermarket instead of an organized and disciplined militia and mini-state.”

Nasrallah said the Iranian judiciary was the ideal interlocutor to investigate the case, given Hezbollah has spent decades making Lebanon part of the Islamic Republic, and the Iranians already know everything that happens in the country. The party would also make all of its capabilities, fighters and infrastructure at the disposal of Iranian investigators.

“The Lebanese want culprits and we will give them some, the judges are strict, firm, strong and totalitarian, capable of handing down death sentences without batting an eyelid,” he said. “However, should they fail to identify those responsible, the case can be transferred to the court of the Hidden Imam to deal with when he ends his occultation.”