How to tell the difference between the Euro Cup and Champions League? Football for dummies, by a fellow football dummy

Abu Majed - AlHudood’s expert who doesn’t know the difference between Brazil’s national team and Norwich City FC

How to tell the difference between the Euro Cup and Champions League? Football for dummies, by a fellow football dummy image

Nowadays, people have nothing to chat about but new championships called Euro and Champions League - or is it legion or cup? Unfortunately, sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a conversation about these two events when all you know about football is that it includes a ball and it is played by foot and not hands.

You also probably think that Real Madrid and Barcelona are sportswear brands, and that Messi plays in some famous team, or is it his friend whose face appears on  shampoo bottles? 

Luckily, we understand that you’re in a pickle, and we’re going to get you out of it. We assigned Abu Majed to enrich your knowledge and help you confidently engage in sports conversations instead of scrolling through Facebook while picking your nose in the corner.

Categorically different 

As the name suggests, the Champions League is a league where champions play. It’s probably a football-related thing, but it could also be about boxing, wrestling, or handball, or even fencing. As for the Euro, it certainly has something to do with football because I overheard my neighbor’s son telling his friend that the Germans fired so many balls into some other country’s net.

Temporally distinct

Easy breezy; Euro is an abbreviation of Europe, that is one of the five continents in the planet, bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by the Mediterranean, and on the east by Asia. It also has a union called the European Union, where Schengen visa holders can roam freely. On the other hand, the location of the Champions League is not exactly clear, I think it’s more about the people than it is about the place.

*Fun facts to help you maneuver any conversation

From what I understood of my nephew, an “offside” is what fans use to swear at the referee, for example: “that unfair bastard of a referee, that was obviously an offside”. 

For more information, go ask an expert. Our editorial team is very smart, yes, but we are not an encyclopedia. To wrap up the question of football once and for all, I’m going to let you in on everything we know about football and sports in general;

  1. Nowrich FC is an English club that has nothing in common with Brazil’s national team but the players’ yellow-colored jerseys. That was before the Brazil team players began to perform like a bunch of jackasses.
  2. Playing sports burns calories.
  3. The cheetah is the fastest mammal on land, it can run 130 kilometers an hour.
  4. “I see a life in sports.” - Hafez al-Assad
  5. Hasan is a huge Bayern München fan.
  6. There is normal football andAmerican football. Also there are tennis, basketball, and Judo.
  7. Pelé. Maradona.