Men whine about not having sex while fasting as if constantly having sex the rest of the year

Men whine about not having sex while fasting as if constantly having sex the rest of the year image

The holy month of Ramadan has always posed a behavioral dilemma. While it helps those fasting reduce the frequency of certain habits, like overeating, smoking and using curse words, it also serves to uncover and create new habits that they wish to foster if it were not for life getting in the way.

Among these new habits is drinking three liters of water a day and using the miswak to clean their teeth. But perhaps the most unusual is the sudden interest in having sex more than once a month, particularly during the daylight hours.

AlHudood conducted a series of interviews with men and women to identify the reasons behind this sudden daytime lust and interest in sex during the holy month out of all the other months of the year, with the aim of combating this marked increase in the unsustainable habit of frequent sex. 

“My husband is useless both in the morning and at night throughout the year, to the point where the last time we had sex he fell asleep before even he finished,” said Samahir Barastaq, one of the women interviewed for this article, who said she had no idea where her husband’s sudden interest in sex came from. “But now he will not stop from morning until dusk making insinuations, touching me, being playful, and asking outright for sex. Might it be Viagra that he’s taking with his water during the suhour meal?”

Farah Abu Atmas, another interviewee, said she expressed her readiness to have sex with her husband after breaking the fast.

“But it is impossible,” she said. “It’s like the moment he hears the call to prayer he directs all of his energies and desires towards eating rice, chicken, soup, juice, water, bread, sweets and tea and coffee, and continues in this way until he collapses in bed.”

Another interviewee, Tamador Mahasees, lamented the bygone days where virility was prized among men.

“In the early days of Islam men fought their enemies under the hot sun while they were fasting,” she said. “Today my husband goes to work an hour late and comes home early during Ramadan, and lies down on the couch and lets his mind wander until he decides to take an interest in me.”

“I will not have sex with him during the day, over my dead body,” she said. “Sex is supposed to be about love and passion, not a way to release his hunger, anxiety and feeling of emptiness. He has Ramadan soap operas for that.”

Horny husband Hamdi Abu Atmas said he did not intend to commit a sin with his wife by having sex during the day in Ramadan.

“I simply heard a lot about the benefits of morning sex, and so I try to practice that habit at least once a month, especially since it might be the only time that month,” he said.

Another husband, Subaih al-Maqrout, blamed his wife for his feelings of inadequacy.

“Like all women, she seeks to corrupt me during Ramadan,” he said. “She walks back and forth in front of me in her night clothes and walks slowly with the excuse that she is tired because of fasting, and she turns her back to me with her hand on her hip as she cooks and the aroma of soup wafts towards me at the same time. How do you expect me to control myself? Do you think I’m made of steel? ”

Husband Alaa Qaroura urged religious authorities to reconsider the ban on sex during the day in Ramadan.

“Subhanallah, this is Ramadan, a month of blessings and spiritual, intellectual, physical and sexual revival, and we need to release that energy somehow,” he said. “In reality, we will lose calories by having sex compared to eating my wife’s Ramadan feasts.”