Police arrest, charge head of anti-corruption agency with disturbing public peace

Police arrest, charge head of anti-corruption agency with disturbing public peace image

Security services on Wednesday arrested the director of the country’s anti-corruption watchdog after the body’s investigations uncovered widespread bribery, embezzlement and corruption by government officials.

The public prosecutor charged the anti-corruption czar with disturbing public peace, promoting civil discord and hatred, attempting to overthrow the regime, slander, defamation, contempt, and damaging the prestige of the state.

A government spokesman said political leaders were at a loss as to how the director allowed himself to carry out such heinous crimes.

“He told us he was the son of the nation and the state, so we appointed him to a senior role and gave him a title as is customary with other officials, but he betrayed us and started working and using his authority right away,” the spokesman said. “He investigated departments and expenses and irregularities, and even took those findings to our fair judiciary, which thankfully refused to play along with his conspiracy and stopped him in his tracks and leveled charges that befit a traitor like him.”

The spokesman said the director’s activities not only disturbed the public peace of government officials, but also the peace between them and their business partners, thereby damaging the national economy. It also infringes on the rights of government officials to carry out their tasks and responsibilities as they see fit through bribes and other forms of influence.

“These officials are working day and night to show citizens the value of working hard, money, freedom, science, health and the police by increasing the unemployment and poverty rate and expanding detention centers, and worsening education and public health,” he said. “Maintaining corruption similarly shows them the value of integrity.”