Woman hurls insults at harasser, damaging public decency

Woman hurls insults at harasser, damaging public decency image

Residents at an upscale neighborhood in the capital said they were shocked earlier Wednesday after overhearing Rim Fazoun, 22, hurling insults and abuse at a local man for practicing his daily sexual harassment routine, condemning her outburst as an assault on public morality.

The man, whose name has been withheld to protect his identity, said he was shocked at Fazoun’s indecency and lack of decorum.

“I was flirting with her and praising her body and her curves and her movements and femininity and she just rudely ignored me,” he said. “And then when I tried to touch and hug her and kiss her to apologize, she turned around and just unloaded a series of extremely hurtful and shocking insults that I would not repeat in polite company. She even tried to hit me with her shoe, and she would have succeeded if it weren’t for some good samaritans passing by who made her leave.”

The man blamed Fazoun’s family for failing to raise their daughter according to society’s traditions and values.

“Do they not have young harassers that need protection from the kind of abuse I had to endure?” he asked.