Americans demand that genocide be funded with a source other than their tax dollars

Fathi al-Atarmani - Creative War Crimes Correspondent

Americans demand that genocide be funded with a source other than their tax dollars image

A crowd of patriotic Americans, wanting to Build America Back Better Again, protested in front of Congress in denouncement of the USA’s unconditional support for Israel. The group has accused Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians using American tax money, instead of the numerous other sources available to it.

Activist Oliver Boston, who was on the scene, expressed his concern. “It’s unacceptable that money that can go to healthcare or the environment is going to support other countries in wars that we shouldn’t be involved in,” he said. “Our country has hundreds of billionaires who can easily fund the war with no more than 1% of their own taxes.”

Commenting on the demonstration, Senator Bernie Sanders said, “The American people can no longer accept this situation,” adding: “It’s unreasonable for hardworking Americans to work 12 hours a day, sacrificing everything, including time with their children, knowing that their money was going towards the bombing of children elsewhere.” Sanders proposed establishing a tax-exempt network of charities solely dedicated to supporting Israel, enabling citizens who oppose their tax dollars funding the Israeli military’s self-defence operations against the people it occupies to support noble causes that align with their values and conscience

Libertarian Congresswoman Justine Timbers expressed shock at any tax money going anywhere, suggesting that each citizen can invest in “Gaza Annihilation Bonds” which Israel could then pay back, adding, “We could even stipulate that part of those returns fund Uzi submachine guns.”