Man in his 30s still believes in Santa Claus, ghouls and a brighter future

Man in his 30s still believes in Santa Claus, ghouls and a brighter future image

Relatives and friends of Khaled Awateer, 34, have expressed concerns that, despite approaching middle age, he still believes in legends and myths that only children continue to think are true, including Father Christmas, ghouls and goblins, and the possibility of an improvement in living conditions.

In an interview, Khaled said he always noticed people’s scorn of his beliefs.

“No matter how many times they insist that my life is miserable, I believe entirely that it will one day rise from the ashes,” he said. “It is only a matter of time, good things come to good people, and things will change, they just have to change. And on top of that, if I am really an obedient boy this year Santa Claus will finally come and give me presents that will improve my life even further.”

Khaled’s father said his son’s belief in myths began in early childhood, when he would go directly to bed when threatened with goblins that his parents alleged ate little kids who were awake past their bedtime.

“But we certainly did not expect him to continue believing in myths imported from Western culture like the idea that a better future awaits him in this country,” he added.

His father said he worries about his son’s future and ability to make decisions in life.

“He thinks he can save up enough money to secure his future, marry, buy a house and a car without paying any heed to things like fraud, embezzlement, the government and officials,” he said.