Qatar to give cash prize to any Asian worker who survives World Cup preparations

Thamer Al-Taqaqi , AlHudood’s correspondent from the air-conditioned al-Thumama Stadium

Qatar to give cash prize to any Asian worker who survives World Cup preparations image

Chief Executive of FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022, Nasser Al-Khater, announced a huge money prize (approximated at 456 thousand Qatari riyals), up for grabs by any Asian worker who passes all the carefully curated action-packed thrilling games, including free climbing on building facades, working without protective gear, not having breaks, or days off, and laboring under Qatar’s sweltering sun.

The one prerequisite for winning is staying alive till the end of the World Cup games and returning to the home country with at least one functioning kidney.

Nasser stresses that Qatar has not forced any worker to take part in these games.

“However, workers were driven by their greedy will to make money and transfer it to their families for them to spend it on worldly luxuries, like rent, food, education or medical care.” 

He added that all workers were guaranteed the right to quit playing, as evident by authorities respecting the choice of many players to drop out without hindering their peaceful departure from life as we know it.

Winning the prize money does not mean the worker has the right to stay inside Qatar when the construction period elapses, Nasser added.

“Once the winners are decided we will stuff the bounty down their throat, drug them, ship them in cargo ships then leave them out on a street in Nepal or Bangladesh just like any other non-expatriate, non-English speaking, non-white-skinned foreign worker”

The CEO renewed Qatar’s obligation to package the 6500 bodies of the deceased workers -so far- nicely in elegant gift boxes, finished with a pink or red ribbon, alongside a death certificate that proves they died of natural, unavoidable, causes.

“Families can bury the boxes, grieve over them, or use the deluxe wood they are made of to repair their primitive huts,” Nasser suggested.

However, a panel of medical experts and producers of “Saw” and “Squid Game” predict that no worker will manage to cash out the wins in time; as the winners who miraculously pass all the stages will probably acquire a variety of chronic illnesses finishing them before the duration of the World Cup games have elapsed.