Bashar al-Assad joyful Lebanese power supply will pass through Syria

Bashar al-Assad joyful Lebanese power supply will pass through Syria image

The Commander-in-Chief and Secretary-General of the Central Command of the Ba'ath Party, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, has said he is pleased with a new plan to solve Lebanon’s electricity woes by supplying power via Syrian territory.

“It is a corrective movement to bring Lebanon back under its natural custodian and overseer, under my own eye,” he said. “This is the chance to make amends to my Lebanese subjects whom I shared with the good times and the bad, my struggles and wars, and their dollars and oil.”

Bashar intends, only because Lebanon is his second homeland and its people are his people, to use the wires and circuit breakers installed as part of the project on his territories, to maintain the peace and security of Lebanon.

The president will enforce the “Elec-curity Legalization Policy” that cuts off the electricity to any regions that are not subject to the control of the Ba’ath Party, in line with his enforcement of the policy successfully in cities like Homs, Aleppo, and Daraa.

Assad said the policy would be applied equally whether the transgressor is the Future Movement, Hezbollah, the Kataeb Party, or even the Lebanese Army.  

He also said Syria was ready to resolve other issues beyond electricity, like the shortages of water and the rebuilding of the Port of Beirut.

Assad thanked “the American enemy” for proposing the plan and implicitly acknowledging Lebanon as a natural extension of Syria. He also said Syria would take a cut of the electricity supply, expressing his confidence that the kind-hearted people of Lebanon won’t mind sharing it as a thank you for his generosity.