Jordanian regime saves the Jordanian regime from the Jordanian regime’s threat to its stability

Jordanian regime saves the Jordanian regime from the Jordanian regime’s threat to its stability image

AlHudood’s Game of Thrones Correspondent 

The Jordanian regime rushed Saturday night to the rescue of the Jordanian regime, after security threats were posed to it by the Jordanian regime, apprehending the regime’s prominent figures including those who previously supported its rule, its representatives in neighbouring countries and monarchs accused of aiming to topple the monarchy.

The Jordanian public remains divided, between those who support the regime, and supporters of the regime, who stand firmly against any attempt to deny them the peace and stability that they feel as they await their paychecks from the 4th to the 30th of each month; since such chaos might delay bank transfers. On the other hand, those who support the regime argue that the country needs new blood, and they are willing to take risks to get a regime that criticises the regime on a regular basis, rather than  doing so exclusively on a crisis-to-crisis basis. 

The regime’s firm actions follow a long history of keeping opposition within the realm of the regime itself, not allowing such privilege to be shared with commoners, in order to preserve political diversity within the regime.

The Jordanian regime’s stability takes many forms, such as the stability of whose face would be printed on bank notes, and the continued growth of the ever-flourishing corruption sector, in addition to the stability of patriotic songs and those singing them, not to mention the stability of stability’s position as a reliable scapegoat for the country’s problems.

As news of the incident were broadcasted on international media outlets, Jordanian media managed to reassure the public, displaying images of Jordan’s beautiful nature this time of the year to unnerve people, followed by an MMA fight to help relieve their stress.