Man feels threatened by immigrants after obtaining his new citizenship

Man feels threatened by immigrants after obtaining his new citizenship image

Mahfouz Abu Shakshouka, who immigrated to Sweden a few years ago, has become alarmed by the increasing influx of immigrants trying to reach his home country, Sweden, taking job opportunities, jamming streets and buses and trams, and posing dangers to native inhabitants, including himself, 30 minutes after obtaining his elegant Swedish passport.

“This open borders policy is ruining the civilised face of our country” he said, “it is becoming packed with lowlives of all races and colours; they are sabotaging the economy by agreeing to lower wages, using our national facilities, taking advantage of tax-payer money , and even seeking ‘to become Swedes’ of equal rights to us!”

“Immigrants simply cannot integrate in our high-end society” he exclaimed, “they come in their brown skin, and bring with them their hummus, shawarma and rejection of the other.”

He added, “If they were any good, their home countries would not have let them go so easily, and our government is to blame here; I urge all fellow patriotic Swedes to vote right in the next election, and choose a more conservative government that can protect this society from further decline.”

“As an ex-immigrant, I can tell you that coming here was not as difficult as it should have been ” said Mahfouz, as he called for the intervention of His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden, to change laxed immigration regulations.