Man pees on toilet seat to mark his territory

Man pees on toilet seat to mark his territory image

While answering nature’s call, M.F., 28, managed to aim for the toilet seat with precision, sending a firm message to his wife that he is the alpha male of the household, who shall always keep his head, and the toilet seat, up.

“In this symbolic gesture I show her that it is out of sheer will that I do  not enter the house while she cleans and stay locked up in the kitchen while her friends visit” M.F. said, “While peeing, I stand up for myself, against her orders; her power ends when it’s time to wipe that toilet seat and the entire bathroom floor.”

“My authority goes far beyond the bathroom ” He added, “in the living room, I mark my territory by throwing my socks on the floor, in the kitchen I spill coffee on the stove, and in the balcony I scatter my cigarette buds. She must know, very well, that this is my house and I can do whatever I want in it whenever I want in it, regardless of what she thinks, or what she tells her mother.”

M.F. stressed on the importance of his wife learning from his actions instead of fighting and arguing with him, “I am only preparing her for  bearing and raising children; she needs to know how to wipe their asses and clean up a huge mess all on her own.”