Privately-educated Arab woman speaks fluent Arabic shamelessly

Privately-educated Arab woman speaks fluent Arabic shamelessly image

Private-school graduate Tamadoor Jaabeer, commonly known as Timmy Jimmy among peers and schoolmates, unapologetically vocalised a long sentence in Arabic going for 30 seconds straight without including any foriegnwords and with no consideration of the atrocity to which she was exposing her friends.  

Timmy’s friends were shocked upon hearing this gibberish and felt confused by it, especially since it sounded nothing like the French, Italian, and Spanish they learned in school. 

Things escalated when Timmy’s speech started to involve sounds of the letters  Dha,Thdha and Kha, rendering her friends confused as to whether they should try to decipher her speech or save her from choking.” 

“I was worried they would taunt me and think that I am a low-life commoner” Timmy exclaimed, “Father perceived it a waste of time to learn a dying language like it. However, I rebelled  and I insisted on learning it, going on tours and visits to the slums and markets and I expanded my vocabulary bank in record time.”

“However, it is a difficult language, the journey was tough, I was not used to it”, Timmy added, “Until I decided to leap bravely into mingling with the gardeners and cooks and maids who use it amongst themselves.”

She recalled the incident with some regret, “it was a slip of the tongues, I guess I  unconsciously recalled all the exotic syllables I was exposed to in the course of my linguistic immersive training.”