Israel diversifies away from targeting journalists, kills paramedic

Israel diversifies away from targeting journalists, kills paramedic image

The Israeli military confirmed its killing of paramedic Razan Najjar, saying its attack against a medical worker was meant to prove that it does not just kill journalists, but it targets all civilians and humanitarian workers equally.

In a statement, Israeli defence minister, Avigdor Liberman said that the paramedic gear Razan was using is far more dangerous than journalists with their equipment and news reports.

“They merely capture a few images and videos of us and write whimsical sentences for an international audience,” he said. “But Razan on the other hand was treating the injured and putting them on their feet again so they continue resisting us which requires us to shoot them again and for journalists to cover the story, yet again. The seriousness of Razan’s crime is unspeakable.”

“Razan is not only just a security threat to the state of Israel, but also an economic one,” Avigdor continued. “Our defence expenditure multiplied as more bullets are now needed to kill Razan’s treated patients instead of one deadly shot leaving them to bleed out alone.”

Sholomono Diberman, an Israeli sociologist, said that Razan has nobody to blame for her death but herself.

“Who let her out in the first place? Women’s place in society is safeguarded in the comfort of their own house, watching from a distance exactly like the rest of the world,” he said.