Employee enjoys nature by gazing at desktop background during lunch break

Employee enjoys nature by gazing at desktop background during lunch break image

Despite being an employee in the 21st century, Anwar Shakrbatti did not allow the rotating chair and desk and printer and meetings to suck the life out of his soul. 

Anwar, 30, took advantage of his lunch break, frolicking in the arms of Mother Nature and its rolling meadows, fresh dew-filled breeze, clear blue skies, and everything else a Windows 10 desktop image could offer.

Anwar said he initiated his nature gazing practice a few years ago. 

“I did not see this image before, as I never had the opportunity to stop working for 30 seconds and explore the settings, that was until my boss scolded me for stapling the papers on the top right corner instead of the left,” he said. “He kept going on about it until I lost interest and started staring into the screen, and there she was, I saw her and instantly fell in love. I visit her daily, even on my days off while trying to finish the work that piled up during the week.”

“This brought to my attention my lack of physical activity in nature,” he said. “So I started twitching my foot while sitting on the desk, or going to the toilet three times a day at least. This is besides taking care of my emotional health and love life by allowing for one hour of pornography every day of course.”

Anwar hopes his experience could be popularised in the office among his colleagues. He said that “recent studies prove that nature-gazing increases productivity and longevity, therefore I will pitch to my boss the idea of organising group tours in nature using the meeting room’s projector.”

Anwar’s deep love for nature started early, as he used to abandon his peers and sit alone on a little pile of rubble, overlooking fruits and vegetables in the nearby dumpsters and open sewer streams, mesmerized by the scenes of nylon bags flying among the clouds.

هل أعجبك هذا المقال؟

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لكن ما الهدف من ذلك كله؟ بالتأكيد أنَّ السخرية من المجانين الذين يتحكمون بحياتنا أمر مريح، لكنَّنا نؤمن أنَّ تعرية الهالات حولهم، وتسليط الضوء على جنونهم، خطوة ضدَّ سلطتهم تدفعنا شيئاً فشيئاً نحو التغيير.
نحن نحتاج دعمك للاستمرار بتوسيع الفريق.