Bedtime Horror Story: Princess Latifa and the Dragon

Bedtime Horror Story: Princess Latifa and the Dragon image


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived a vicious evil dragon called Mohammad bin Rashed. He lived carelessly, doing as he pleased, since he was one of the richest dragons in the world. He occupied a huge mansion filled with servants to the brim where he ruled over a glass kingdom with an iron fist – a kingdom built by slaves brought from the Indian subcontinent. This dragon indulged in trying on costumes and funny hats while meeting other dragons and playing with ponies, in addition to writing poems in praise of a bigger dragon called Mohammad bin Zayed, who often bailed him out in time of crisis.


This dragon loved owning women, forcibly marrying whomever he chose , regardless of legal age, and having her bear many of his kids. Once born, the dragon immediately transformed his male children to dragons, while imprisoning his female children behind closed doors and tying them to a ball and chain to prevent them from moving until they could be married off to a dragon. The dragon’s desires, however, were not always met with obedience; 21 years ago, his little princess Shamsa tried to escape his hell,  before he found her and hid her in a dark dungeon forevermore.


One day, while the dragon was busy buying spyware from Israeli dragons, another princess, named Latifa, executed an elaborate plan to escape, with the help of her friends abroad. She took off at  night, ran to a neighbouring kingdom and sailed farfarfaraway.


The dragon was startled to find his daughter’s cell empty. He lit up with anger, chugged some petrol, spat out flames, and plotted for her abduction back to his kingdom, to be supervised, of course, by his very own personal hounds. 


At sea, Latifa was just about to fall asleep thinking she had reached safety. Suddenly, a loud bang woke her up. Her father’s goblins, dogs and hounds boarded the boat, tied her up, beat her around, then injected her with a potion that made her lose consciousness. They dragged her back to her dragon father who taught her never to leave home again through torturing her severely.


The goblins then dragged Latifa to a tower with no windows or doors, guarded by snakes and wolves, away from all forms of life. Yet she still tried to stay in touch with her friends and shared her updates with them. However, one day, her messages disappeared.  


Until this day, Princess Latifa still suffers. She is yet to see the sun or feel the breeze against her skin. No one knows anything about her, not even whether or not she is alive. Meanwhile, dragon Bin Rashed continues to host banquets and cocktail parties for friends and animals, taking pictures, smiling, laughing and giving speeches on women empowerment. Other dragons applaud him for being a sophisticated civil dragon.