Authorities detain shipment of mould contaminated by some meat

Authorities detain shipment of mould contaminated by some meat image

This morning, Department of Food Safety (DFS) detected excess amounts of meat inside a shipment of worms and mould that it had seized while examining containers parked in the customs yard. This detaination comes after the owner of the shipment abandoned it upon failing to pay overdue corruption bills to the customs authority.

Relevant authorities are tirelessly operating at full capacity to serve and protect citizens by closely inspecting any shipment that does not have proper documentation, such as bribe receipts and printed logs of calls with people on top. 

This incident is one of many of its kind, as authorities similarly detected, detained and seized a shipment of rust beams laced with traces of steel as well as another container of cheap lighters found to have significant amounts of lighter fluid inside.

On the quality of other mould shipments given access into the country, the head of DFS exclaimed “we import the best of the best of mould, parasites and worms, turned into delicious kebab skewers for their efficient protein-delivery-system properties”.

On the other hand, authorities announced that they will not be inspecting shipments outbound from the country as it is impolite to follow personal capital making flight to Swiss banks.