Man represses urges after reading breast cancer awareness ad

Man represses urges after reading breast cancer awareness ad image

Local Internet user Muhsen Shalabeet, 24, successfully managed to read through a breast cancer awareness ad, without being distracted by his sexual desires.  

Muhsen said the ad caught him off-guard while he was casually browsing the Internet. 

“I was completely startled the minute the word breast appeared on the screen in front of me,” he said. “I clicked on the link and ended up reading every detail, including descriptions of early symptoms and different methods of examination.” 

He added: “I was fully captivated to the point where I thought the enclosed diagram belonged to a real woman approaching me saying: oh Mohsen, save me, my breasts hurt – and I imagined myself jumping to the rescue like the gentleman I am.”

Muhsen said the ad “was very immersive.”

“The next thing I knew, I was feeling up the computer screen, but I  regained control over my faculties moments before lunging at it, which saved me the embarrassment of going one base further with a backlit device,” he said.

Muhsen said he now looks back at his academic choices with regret.

“I could have done so much to combat breast cancer, if only I had listened to my father,” he said. “I could have become a doctor and specialised in gynecology or oncology. It is a shame that breast cancer awareness was not so widespread when I was in high school.”