Faux flowers wilt in bachelor’s flat

Faux flowers wilt in bachelor’s flat image

A bouquet of artificial flowers shriveled and died on Friday in the apartment of local man Hosni Abu Shabak, seven years after they were gifted to him by a friend.

The flowers had been meant to celebrate Abu Shabak’s newfound independence, which had allowed him to rent a studio in the capital. 

Initially housed in a local shop, the flowers lived inside a repurposed vase that had originally been a litter box made for Abu Shabak’s runaway cat, then briefly a home for two now-deceased goldfish.

“There were many similarities between Hosni and the flowers, such as the fact they both always smelled of cigarettes,” said one close friend of Abu Shabak. “But in the end, the flowers showed they had souls that escaped their husks, but we can’t say the same about Hosni.”