Spinster finds husband despite turning 24

Spinster finds husband despite turning 24 image

Residents celebrated Friday the marriage of local woman Mariam Amloush to a young, handsome, brand new man, who proposed despite her entering spinsterhood six years ago.

Amloush’s mother said she was shocked by the proposal, and initially assumed the man had meant to seek her younger daughter Maram’s hand in marriage since she had recently turned 16.

“But he insisted that he wanted to marry Mariam, and swore that he had not mixed up the names and that he still possessed all of his mental faculties,” she said. “So I ululated and congratulated him and forfeited the dowry and agreed to pay for the entire wedding as long as it happened the next day before he changed his mind.”

Umm Mariam said she had nearly lost all hope in her disobedient daughter, who repeatedly rejected suitors over absurd excuses such as continuing her education.

“I pray that God will grant this young man success in life and marriage, and allow him to find more wives, because it will be difficult for him to be satisfied with a woman her age,” she added.