Jackass sends voice note over a minute long

Jackass sends voice note over a minute long image

A young resident of Um Al Tanabel neighborhood sent a voice note on Whatsapp to an acquaintance, taking advantage of the software’s functionality that allows the sending of an audio message without continuously pressing down on the record button and recorded various digressions and random thoughts in a stream of consciousness that lasted for a minute and 35 seconds.

Amin al-Falaeet, the recipient of the message, said the saga began when he messaged his friend to tell him that he was busy and could not speak on the phone.

“I asked him to send a message and I would get back to him,” Amin said. “That’s when he sent me a voice note, which began with a rather vulgar insult that my whole family heard before I could lift the phone to my ear, then it took him about 40 seconds of oohs and hmms to actually get to the thing he wanted to say.”

Amin said his friend had no obvious health or mental impediments, possessing all ten fingers that can be used for typing out an actual message like a decent human being.

“He wasn’t running around with children, he didn’t seem in a hurry, he wasn’t driving, he just intentionally and with premeditation, chose to do it,” Amin added.

Alhudood reached out to the sender in question for comment, and he responded with a three minute voice note that we ignored.

Alhudood initially considered not revealing the man’s name to protect him from hate crimes, before realising that the message in itself was a hate crime. His name is Jamil Sabares.