Alhudood’s 11 Principles

  1. Always punch up and never down
  2. One can never be too careful when it comes to satire
  3. There’s no room in satire for compliments and praise
  4. Criticism is always welcome, because satire thrives on it
  5. It isn’t satire’s place to offer solutions, it can only highlight important issues
  6. Our content is always original
  7. Satire and humour are not the aim, they are a means to say something 
  8. Controversy is a byproduct of satire, not its goal
  9. Never try to offend, but understand that you can’t stop people from being offended
  10. Initiate conversations with readers, don’t talk at them
  11. We didn’t want to have ten principles just because ten is a good, satisfying number