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Government launches campaign to ensure city completely unprepared for winter conditions

The government on Wednesday announced a broad campaign to vet and examine public facilities around the country, in an effort to ensure their lack of readiness for this year’s winter conditions, or those of any future winter.

“I personally went on a tour of the drainage system to make sure it was clogged with garbage and unable to absorb rainwater,” the prime minister said in a press conference. “I also examined the snow plows to ensure they were in the garages without fuel or maintenance.”

“Finally, I visited several potholes so I can assure citizens that they are distributed evenly and are large enough to fit entire vehicles,” he added.

The premier praised government departments and employees for ignoring the pleas of citizens for support during the season amid frequent heating, gas and water outages.

“They are used to the lack of services, and it would disrupt the rhythm and routine of their lives to suddenly serve them now,” he said.

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